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Monthly Home Maintenance Tips

Scanned an article in the Herald Leader today giving tips on keeping your house running smoothly on a month to month basis.  It made me think it was a good time to change the batteries in our

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2018 Lexington Ky Real Estate Predictions A 2017 Recap By Ty

Its 2018 and time for my annual quick recap of last year and predictions for this year. I stick to the Lexington Ky market because that is the area I am most familiar with, BUT it is usually

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Despite All My Rage Im Still Just A Rat In A Cage

Today I found an Interesting article that illustrates the observation I have had since I have been in this business. The "established" theory is that people, particularly Gen X and younger,

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Sep 11th

Today is a day I will never forget, every year I think back to that day for obvious reasons. You see I had just left New York City the night before, from a long guys trip weekend. We attended

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